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Your Ally in Patient Care and Practice Management
Signature Home Health Care

At Signature Home Health Care, we consider it our role to extend your care into the homes of your patients in a way that feels luxurious. Your patients will know that they are VIPs when you don’t just give them health care advice; you send a nurse or therapist to their homes to help implement your new health care plan.


Get Paid for the Work You Do with Signature

When MDs, DOs, or DPMs complete the paperwork to start a plan of care with Signature Home Health Care, they can bill Medicare for that work. Your only documentation requirement is to keep a copy of the documents in your patient’s chart.

HCPC Codes
G0180 - Initial certification of home health plan of care. Physician can bill this for signing the plan of care and documenting the face-to-face encounter.
G0179 - Recertification of Medicare home health. Doctor can bill this for recertifications after the first episode.
Both physicians and non-physician practitioners can bill for care plan oversight that occurs outside of the certification process.
G0181 - Home Health Care Plan Oversight - 30 minutes


Optimize Chronic Disease Management
Many chronic disease management guidelines are not consistent with the time demands of medical practice. Improve the patient experience and enhance your patient’s self-management skills by expanding the in-office encounter to home-based follow-up and coaching. Offload tasks that can be completed by nurses and therapists who are not a cost-center to your practice. Research shows this process ultimately reduces health care spending by avoiding unnecessary declines and reducing complications.


Reduce Repetitive Phone Calls
Research in the Journal of Family Practice finds that 23% of a practice’s after-hours calls are made by 0.6% of patients. It is likely that these same patients make during-hours calls as well. These patients also prove more likely to make emergency room visits. Give these patients the peace-of-mind and protection they deserve by ordering Signature Home Health Care to provide in-home, skilled observation and assessment on a routine basis. We put a nurse on call for your patient 24/7. We only call you if there is a change in condition that may require a change in the treatment plan.


Medicare Pays 100%
Signature accepts private pay, private insurance, Medicare, and Medi-Cal. When Medicare beneficiaries are homebound and have a skilled need, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from Signature Home Health Care (no out-of-pocket for your patient). Skilled need means the plan of care must call for the services of a nurse, physical therapist, speech therapist, or the continuation of services from an occupational therapist. Homebound only means that leaving the home requires a considerable and taxing effort and that trips from the home are, therefore, infrequent. Your patients can be temporarily homebound due to illness or injury.

Home Health Team for Doctors in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles County California

Call Signature Home Health Care When You Want These Services Provided in Your Patient’s Home:
  • Medication teaching
  • Diet teaching
  • Observation & assessment of conditions with a likelihood of worsening
  • Pill box set up
  • Collection and delivery of lab samples
  • Chronic disease management teaching
  • Wound care
  • Post-surgical care
  • Pre-surgery / Pre-procedure preparation
  • Fall injury prevention
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Dysphagia rehabilitation
  • and other services provided by nurses and physical therapists


Please offer Signature Home Health Care to Your Patients

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